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Baled Waste

Baled waste varies based on the organic content: the greater the level of organics the greater the propensity to produce foul odours and leachate. The reason for this is the breakdown of organics in anaerobic conditions as well as the “sponge” effect of stacking bales. 

The addition of odour neutralising products to the surface can help with the odour initially but are unlikely to have a prolonged effect or to reduce the leachate.

AquaClean™ are broad range bacteria products with a diversity of bacteria species that function both aerobically and anaerobically to prevent odour and leachate in a range of applications including baled waste, landfill, compost, slurry and water treatment. The products include particular species that stabilise sulphate and ammonia, reducing the odorous impact. The growth of the bacteria also reduce leachate by binding the water into cell mass.

This technology has been further developed with the introduction of aerated mix tanks on site where the bacteria are grown at a steady rate ensuring higher concentrations at lower cost. 

 Reduce Odour

 Reduce Leachate

 Easy Application

 Reduce Disposal Costs

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