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Agricutural Wastes

Reduce Costs and Improve the Value of Agricultural Wastes with AquaClean™


Microbial Inoculation for Agricultural Waste

The AquaClean™ range is a highly active mobile accelerator designed specifically to speed up the biological oxidation process of slow to degrade organic matter. A stable range of products, when applied to organic waste, significantly reduces odours and improves biological process stability.

Reduce Sulphides

The bacteria species in AquaClean™ perform several functions and importantly can function both with and without oxygen. Unlike basic powdered products our liquid formulae include species that are proven to stabilize sulphate and prevent it reducing to sulphide.  This is particularly beneficial in cattle slurry as sulphate is high in raw slurry and is also important nutrient to the land after spreading. 

Bacteria will take up some ammonia to facilitate growth and reproduction.  Once incorporated in cell mass the odour is locked away. Biochemical reaction in the process will also reduce the pH slightly.  Reduced pH means the ammonia becomes less volatile and is retained in the liquid.

In Slurry applications, AquaClean™ bacteria is effective in the following areas:

Significantly reducing odours

 Reduces sulphides

 Reduces crusting and improves homogeneity.

 Releases locked in nitrogen and improves fertiliser value

 Reduces requirements for additional nitrogen fertiliser

The AquaClean™range are natural products, non-pathogenic and with no genetically modified organisms.


Cost Saving Bio-Reactor Kit

We offer an easy to use Bio-Reactor kit that will reduce the cost of treating slurry tanks to increase your return on investment. 

Instructions for use:

 For best results, apply AquaClean™ to slurry tanks and lagoons when at lowest levels.

 AquaClean™ ACF-SA can be applied to slurry at dilutions ranging from 10:1 to 50:1 

 Apply by watering can, bucket or spray.

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