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AquaClean ACF-SA

AquaClean ACF-SA is the daily tonic for AD plants.  It is a unique blend of AquaClean bacteria with a complex organic nutrient mix, proven to stabilise AD plants and fix acid spikes that cause FOS:TAC issues.  

As a ready-to-use product, AquaClean ACF-SA fits easily into the daily chores in any AD plant.  

Impact of ACF-SA on a Biogas Plant in SW UK.








AquaClean ACF-SA is of particular value where variable feedstocks are an issue.  In these cases, primary digesters are susceptible to increases in fatty acids which in turn reduce the overall capacity of the plant, as well as the gas output.


 Proven to stabilise AD plants; 

 Rapidly recovers plants with high FOS:TAC caused by high acids;

 Cost-effective and easy to use;

 Fast acting;

 Organic Certified so no consequence on the deployment of digestate;


The key benefit of low parasitic load makes this system ideal for gas to grid projects as no engine is required, thus significantly reducing the initial capital outlay. 

However, this technology should also be of interest to the small-scale AD and retro-fit gas to grid projects. 







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