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Compost Applications

Compost contains high levels of nutrients which are not readily bio-available. Using bacteria is a highly effective microbial Inoculation and odour prevention strategy in compost applications.

AquaClean™, our award winning range of bacteria, breaks down the compounds in compost to convert the nutrients in these compounds to more usable forms. The bacteria will absorb some of the nutrients as part of their own requirements and then release them when they die. They also process and release the nutrients that are in excess of their own requirements.

AquaClean™ has been shown to:

 Shorten the time it takes to reach heap temperature

 Reduce the time it takes to stabilize the compost

 Improve the percentage of volume reduction

 Reduce odours

 Enhance the properties of the compost as a soil amendment

 Improve screening properties of the compost allowing for greater throughput in the screening process

In International cases, where the composted material has been used as a soil amendment, it has been found that compost treated with AquaClean™ has superior qualities. This stems from the improved volume reduction through carbon reduction, while most macro- and micro-nutrients become concentrated making for a richer soil amendment.

The crops in AquaClean™ compost treated plots are healthier, less susceptive to disease and pests, have a faster growth rate and higher yield per acreage when compared with control.

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