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High Ammonia

Over the last few years at Nova Q we have been challenged many times on high ammonia levels, be they in waste water, condensate, digestate or agricultural wastes. Ammonia is a particular challenge as it is one of the most prevalent pollutants created by man, yet one of the most difficult to deal with properly.


Chemical Treatments vs Biological Treatments

Why the challenge? Biologically, ammonia can only be treated by very limited and slow growing species, in limited conditions utilising both aerobic and anaerobic conditions to treat it properly.  Chemically, there are several possibilities but most have environmental consequences.

AquaClean™ Biological Range

Within the AquaClean™ range of biological products we have a number of products with the required nitrosomonas and nitrobacter species required for effective nitrification.  Most importantly, these ready to use liquid products are stable with very long shelf life in normal storage conditions.  For excessive loads (not found the limit yet) we can develop special ways to apply these products to ensure maximum effect.

Oxidation Range

With our oxidation products we have a range of solutions that are highly effective on high loads such as landfill leachate where ammonia is broken down to nitrogen gas and water with no nasty chemical side effects.  Our liquid concentrated mixed oxidant blends achieve the same result without any recourse to hazardous products.

Challenges Welcome

More recently we have been challenged to economically extract ammonia from agricultural and organic (digestate) waste streams and turn it into a saleable product. 

If you have an ammonia issue, there is a VERY good chance we will have a solution. Challenge us…

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