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Hydrodor XC

Unlike a masking agent, Hydrodor is a mildly scented chemical neutraliser which works effectively in a range of spray applications including atomisers and sweeper trucks. It interacts directly with the odours in the air or on the surface and instantly neutralises them. The honey scent is there as a trace and intended to indicate when the concentration is too high.

Hydrodor XC is an aqueous solution of surfactants, fragrances and other ingredients that prevent and hinder the formation of bad smell compounds due to biological degradation. One of the main applications is foreseen in air dispersion, e.g. as osmogenic barrier.


Neutralisation of smells generated in waste water treatment plants, dewatering sludge treatment, containers, waste bins and waste materials, etc. Osmogenic barriers to limit/hinder smell diffusion, a system typically used in landfills and waste processing plants. Road and surface sweeping and cleaning. Food industry, dairies, poultry industry, slaughterhouses, animal manures.

Hydrodor XC can be used in concentrate or in diluted form depending on the application. The dosage varies according to the type of smell source, its intensity and the given level of smell perception.

Further indications of the appropriate dosage/dilution can be obtained through a simplified panel test in a smell-free test environment ensuring it not only functions well, but is also very cost effective. Hydrodor can be used in any existing atomising system though pre-dilution may be required depending on equipment settings.

Nova Q supply Hydrodor in a range of pack sizes and will also create bespoke dilutions and packs to ensure single dose applications on site.

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