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Plant Growth Promoting Bacteria

We all stand to benefit from the optimization of soil microbiology through natural means. Soil health is highly important, not only to the health of the crops, but also to consumers. Every time we apply biocides to the soil we damage the biological population.

Repeated field trials across the World have shown how the abundance of Plant Growth Promoting Bacteria (PGPB) in AquaClean™ Agro products have an important role to play in enhancing crop performance

Biological soil inoculation through regular applications of AquaClean™ natural bacteria to the soil directly or through digestate maintains a healthy population of bacteria and also has the capacity to breakdown residual pesticides.

Heavy applications of digestate can inhibit the micro activity in the soil. AquaClean™ helps breakdown the organic matter in the digestate and soil to liberate the locked-up nutrients necessary for optimum crop development to enhance the value of digestate as an organic fertiliser.

The AquaClean™ range consists of a broad consortium of aerobic, facultative anaerobic, chemotropic and photosynthetic bacteria in a stable liquid form which helps to restore natural balance and improve the overall condition of the soil. It is a natural product, non-pathogenic and with no genetically modified organisms.

AquaClean™ has been shown to:

 Improve soil structure and porosity;

 Increase the availability of nutrients resulting in better natural plant health;

 Stimulates microbial activity in soil, helping breakdown of residual fertiliser, pesticides and organics;

 AquaClean™ reduces requirement for additional nitrogen fertiliser;

 Can be applied by spray or through drip irrigation systems

Click on the link to see how bacteria benefits crop and soil health.

Instructions for use:

AquaClean™ should be first applied at time of sowing at a rate of 2 gallons (US) per hectare. NOTE: Do not dilute with chlorinated water.

AquaClean™ ACF-32 and ACF-SA have been certified by IOFGA for use in organic processes. It is possible to co-spray AquaClean™ with a wide range of fertilisers. Nova Q can perform compatibility tests free of charge. We also supply the Nu-Trel range of high performance liquid, free flow and organic fertilisers.  

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