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Climate Change is becoming the greatest threat to our society.  Prevention is better than cure and key to this is the Circular Economy.  We believe that waste can be a valuable resource, whether that be for renewable energy or to make high-value organic composts to replace chemical fertilisers.  

In this section, we highlight the innovations that add value to in the Organics Recycling and Renewables Sectors. 

For Nova Q, this is also an area of continuous development, with extensive activities such as:

 AquaClean™ Products being used to enhance commercial composting, both to reduce odour and stabilise the process;

 AquaClean™ ACF-SA as a complex organic mix which has a rapid pre-biotic and pro-biotic effect on anaerobic digestion systems.

 Using new chemical and separation techniques to enhance dewatering and nutrient recovery in digestate from AD

 Upgrading biogas to biomethane, using a new, patented amine scrubbing technology that removes CO2 at very low parasitic loads - typically 10% of the load required for membrane systems

 As a bolt on to the biogas upgrade technology, we are working on CO2 recovery which has huge potential implications for agriculture.

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